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Moonchild Crystal Perfume Roller - 15 ml
Moonchild Crystal Perfume Roller - 15 ml
Moonchild Crystal Perfume Roller - 15 ml

Moonchild Crystal Perfume Roller - 15 ml

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A crystal infused essential oil blend to help you thrive & flow. Perfect as a light natural perfume alternative. Combines Blue Tansy, Bergamot, Patchouli and Lavender Oil to melt away stress and anxiety. Blue Tansy is a rare and beautiful 100% natural essential oil extracted from the Moroccan Chamomile flower. It turns deep blue during the extraction process, giving this blend it's incredible colour. Features an Obsidian rollerball. Boop Women rollerballs are made out of crystal with Moonchild containing protective Black Obsidian. They contain 100% natural & pure essential oils. Skip the toxic scents & use as a light perfume to smell like a dream and reap the therapeutic benefits.



Blue Tansy

Turns blue when extracted from chamomile. Heals & eases inflammation.


The oil of calm & soothing. Amazing for sleep, relaxation & anxiety.


Sunny citrus scent. Promotes optimism and self-love.


Grounding & self-connection. Reduces inflammation.


Volcanic glass, protective, blocks negativity & grounds.  

ALL THE GOODNESS: Coconut Oil, Bergamot Oil, Patchouli Oil, Lavender Oil, Blue Tansy Oil.


When to use?

Roll onto wrists and pressure points for a light perfume and to enjoy therapeutic benefits. If you want to use Moonchild as part of a self-care ritual you could repeat to yourself "Follow the moon. She'll light the way". Also a particularly beautiful blend to use at the New & Full Moon if you track the moon cycle.