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Bath Blend - Citrus Forest

Bath Blend - Citrus Forest

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Citrus Valley Refresh/Energise/Firm
The Citrus Forest Bath Blend is a pampering tea soak. Treat yourself to a bright and zesty aromatic bath and create your own spa oasis! Stimulate your positive energy and good vibes with a refreshing splash of lemon zest, tangerine orange, cypress french and black tea extracts. Pamper your skin and let our special blend of herbs and mineral salts work to firm-up, nourish and give you that effortless GLOW.


Epsom Salt: Dating back over a millennium to ancient civilisations, salt baths have been used to cure various ailments. Including benefits to de-stress and detoxify the body, reduce inflammation and help muscle and nerve function.

Rock Salt: Soothes and relaxes the muscles, lowers blood pressure, detoxifies and stimulates a restful sleep.

White Clay: Used for centuries by ancient cultures to help stimulate circulation, purify skin and close dilated pores.

Essential Oils Blend: Lemon, Tangerine Orange, Cypress French: spiritually cleansing, uplifting and promotes a cheerful mood.
Calendula Botanicals: Soothes and evens skin tone. Heals scars and wounds, moisturises and nourishes dry skin.

Black Tea: Boost your immune system, tighten pores, freshen up the skin and promote a natural, radiant glow. Your skin will thank you for its many beneficial nutrients including Vitamin B to soften skin and tannins to soothe skin problems and heal cuts.

Oats: An ancient remedy to beautify, soften and moisturise hair and skin. Great for sensitive skin types boosting anti-inflammatory benefits, skin healing properties, an effective natural cleanser and gentle exfoliant.

Simply run a relaxing, warm bath and soak your Bath Blend Tea Bag. Submerge your body, inhale deeply and unwind the day away in an aromatic spa experience. Once finished, carefully cut the tea bag open and use the remaining contents to exfoliate the skin for a bright, smooth, glow.

- Aromatic scented bath soak & exfoliant
- 2 x giant tea bags in each box (50g each bag)
- Put together by hand and heart in Australia from local and imported ingredients
- No artificial colours, no synthetic fragrances, no synthetic ingredients.
- SHORT STORY products are not tested on animals.

DIMENSIONS: 2.5x15.5x17cm (LxWxH) 100g