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Unwined Bath Salts - Tangerine & Sage

Unwined Bath Salts - Tangerine & Sage

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Uwined Natural Bath Salts are a new addition to our upupcycled bottle range. We use the same methods to cut, bevel and shape these discarded bottles into something quite special allowing them a second chance at life. 

Dead Sea Salt is considered the best bath salt in the world, we have created these blends to holistically nourish your body and mind. 

We tested many salts including, Himalayan, Epsom (did you know its not even a salt) and Sea Salt but nothing compared to our All Natural Dead Sea Salt. Our salt is sourced sustainably from Israel. Essential Oils are then blended to give your skin a renewed state of being and the addition of high quality dried flowers invites you to truly "Unwined" 

We've even included a hand sown cotton Bath Tea Bag (if that's a thing) so that you don't have to clean up afterwards. We've though of everything, oh and its reusable. 

Ingredients: 99% Dead Sea / 1% Essential Oils + Flowers