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Sacred Surrender Bath Soak - 420 g
Sacred Surrender Bath Soak - 420 g

Sacred Surrender Bath Soak - 420 g

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A soothing and de-stressing bath soak designed to gently cleanse, soften and moisturise tired skin. Incorporating a calming blend of pure essential oils and mineral rich Epsom salts, this soak was crafted to provide a soothing relief from our busy modern world & endless to-do lists.  

  1. Specially formulated blend of all natural oils, flowers & salts for ultimate relaxation, skin health and muscle soothing.
  2. Generous size for plenty of baths.
  3. Infused with carefully selected essential oils Lavender & Roman Chamomile to relax, calm & prepare for bedtime.



The oil of calm & soothing. Amazing for sleep, relaxation & anxiety.

Sweet Orange

Inspires creativity & positivity. High in Antioxidants & Vit C.

Roman Chamomile

Relieves anxiety, promotes better sleep, & eases period cramping.

Kaolin Clay

Deeply purifying and exfoliating. Buffs stubborn dead skin cells.

Epsom Salts

Soothes the body & mind. Great at relieving muscle cramps & soreness.

ALL THE GOODNESS: Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Kaolin Clay, Lavender Oil, Sweet Orange Oil, Roman Chamomile Oil, Natural Vitamin E, Organic Flowers.

How to use?

Light a candle, put on your favourite music, dim the lights and pour your salts under warm running water to infuse your bath with nourishing minerals and goodness. You can also add in a few drops of your favourite Bopo Body Oil for an extra luxurious bath.