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Unwined Recycled Beer Bottle Diffuser - Honeysuckle & Jasmin

Unwined Recycled Beer Bottle Diffuser - Honeysuckle & Jasmin

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You will never forget the unmistakeable aromas of this exotic flower, close your eyes and you will find yourself in a floral Zen Garden. A sweet and delicious blend that warms the soul and fills the room with happiness.

Unwined Bottle Diffusers are an essential addition to our re-purposed range. Diffusers are simple to use, they require no flame and last up to 6 months filling your space with a controlled scent throw.

 Our diffuser bottles are collected locally, sterilised, hand poured and resealed with your favourite Unwined scents. We use only natural undyed rattan reeds to ensure the cleanest scent throw and highest quality.

 Once you receive your diffuser, simply remove the cap, add a desired number of reeds, place in a safe location and turn reeds when required.

Natural Rattan Reeds / Consistent Fragrance / Flameless