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Cha Zi Yang Hong/To climb step by step

There are always flowers for those who want to see them.

This delicious honey peach flavour with a single rose display and a slight blush is Eliza's favourite. This hand crafted flowering tea ball is for the romantic at heart and would be sure to please on Valentine's Day.

These Blooming Artisan Crafted Tea Balls are made of the highest grade special green tea of fresh spring crops and natural herb flowers.

Ingredients: White Tea Silver Needle, Hibiscus Flower, Rose & Honey Peach Flavour.

Flavour: Honey peach

Preparation: Place bound ball of tea into hot water, and in 3-5 minutes it will open to reveal a flower. Use one ball per 400ml of water - ideal in our 2 Cup Glass Tea Pot with infuser basket removed, to see the flowering tea ball in its full glory.

Tip: After you are done with the blooming tea, you can take out the bloom carefully and place it in a big glass cup with cool water to display and enjoy the bloom flower shape for a few more days.

Contains 2 x Celebration Flowering Tea Balls.